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This pic just blows me away…

Posted on: December 9, 2008

Dan & Rach - kicking serious butt!

Dan & Rach (combat programme directors) - kicking some serious butt!

Speaks for itself I think… simply awesome!!!


8 Responses to "This pic just blows me away…"

Anyone any idea where this was taken?

We’ve got imprints on the walls all around the 2 Group fitness studios in LM chch city, and one of them is of Rach doing a kick like that!
Looks totally amazing… (yet easy at the same time !*L*) I can’t get half as high as that with my side or Roundhouse kicks…
Looks like it was taken in a rugby / cricket sports stadium somewhere- I know it wasn’t at AMI stadium here in Chch… Hahaha…

picture taken at a quarterly in Houston. Ask some of the US people in community profile . from memory it was a really hot day . The venue was possibly Westside fitness

Thanks for the info! 🙂

this is like 31 attire… =)

hi Glen, so long without posting, but i’m back =),,, latest posts are great, a lot of awesome info…

1. BodyCombat 38 / BodyPump 68 reviews, were awesome… can’t wait for this Saturday Dec 13th… here in Mexico will be our Q’s, so i’m more than ready (and soooo excited) for 38/68 XD !!!

2. Your local release looks pretty cool, amazing job with the outfits and the theme XD i’ll let you know about our local release,,, here are some pics of our latest BC37/BP67…



3. BC track listing —– tks!!!!

4. About this pic… i’m like this —–> =| =0

Well,,, hope you’re doing great, take care man and stay in touch!!!


Awesome effort! That combat release especially looks like A LOT of fun!!!

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