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This pic just blows me away…

Posted on: December 9, 2008

Dan & Rach - kicking serious butt!

Dan & Rach (combat programme directors) - kicking some serious butt!

Speaks for itself I think… simply awesome!!!


8 Responses to "This pic just blows me away…"

Anyone any idea where this was taken?

We’ve got imprints on the walls all around the 2 Group fitness studios in LM chch city, and one of them is of Rach doing a kick like that!
Looks totally amazing… (yet easy at the same time !*L*) I can’t get half as high as that with my side or Roundhouse kicks…
Looks like it was taken in a rugby / cricket sports stadium somewhere- I know it wasn’t at AMI stadium here in Chch… Hahaha…

picture taken at a quarterly in Houston. Ask some of the US people in community profile . from memory it was a really hot day . The venue was possibly Westside fitness

Thanks for the info! 🙂

this is like 31 attire… =)

hi Glen, so long without posting, but i’m back =),,, latest posts are great, a lot of awesome info…

1. BodyCombat 38 / BodyPump 68 reviews, were awesome… can’t wait for this Saturday Dec 13th… here in Mexico will be our Q’s, so i’m more than ready (and soooo excited) for 38/68 😄 !!!

2. Your local release looks pretty cool, amazing job with the outfits and the theme 😄 i’ll let you know about our local release,,, here are some pics of our latest BC37/BP67…



3. BC track listing —– tks!!!!

4. About this pic… i’m like this —–> =| =0

Well,,, hope you’re doing great, take care man and stay in touch!!!


Awesome effort! That combat release especially looks like A LOT of fun!!!

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