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BODYPUMP 68 : Initial review

Posted on: December 8, 2008

Once again let me start by stating I’m only a BODY PUMP participant (although I plan to do module in March) so by comparison to combat I’m fairly inexperienced when it comes to the realm of BP. In fact my first ever class was PUMP 66, so I’ve only been doing it for maybe 6-8 months. However, I’ve since done a lot of other releases due to mixing,  I’m an ex-bodybuilder and have been weight training for probably 15 years, and started personal training about a decade ago so I’m pretty darn experienced in the weight lifting department!

Overall I enjoyed BP68 a lot. It seems to be fairly common for the last batch of releases to take a step back in complexity. BODYCOMBAT 38 for example is definitely simpler, I know that low complexity options have now appeared in BODYJAM as of this latest release and BODYPUMP appears to be heading down the same path. The reasons are pretty obvious I’d say – the simpler the movements the easier it is to pull new people in and not scare them off with complicated sequences. The trick (of course) is to do this without upsetting the regulars. I know in combat BC38 has no gingas, no jump kicks/knees, no evasive side kicks etc. BODYCOMBAT 39 is even simpler again! And the level/number of bottoms halves/partial movements etc seems lower in this release (though there are a couple of new surprises!). The great thing about that is that you can go heavier. I’ll no doubt write a more substantial review once I’ve done it a few more times but for now here are my thoughts;

Warmup: “Perfect Day” – Indigo; Not too much you can write about a warm up. Like the song, good start to the workout. In the release I did the instructor completely ballsed this up and actually did the whole thing to track 3 (It’s Not My Time) and didn’t even realise (or when she did she definitely didn’t let on). I guess she figured as it was the release no one would know! Well of course I’ve known the track list for months so it was pretty darn obvious to me!

Squat track: “Big Girls Don’t Cry” – Nick Skitz; I actually don’t mind the version of this song. When you get past the HIDIOUS lyrics “And I’m gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket” – puuulease!!! Gimme a bucket! Truth be told I found this track a lot less painful than previous releases. It has a distinct lack repeated bottom halves (no 8 count or 16 count killers) which actually has meant I can walk properly today… on the one hand that’s great but on the other hand they hurt so much because they work! It does mean you can go heavier so do it!

Chest track: “It’s Not My Time” – 3 Doors Down; I really like this song and couldn’t help singing away to it (both times it was played haha). This track again you can go heavier on, it has a lot of focus on the negative and super slow reps – ouch!

Back track: “What Do You Want From Me” – Cascada: Bit of a change in this track. Sets of 4 clean and presses with no rows in the middle. From what I understand this hasn’t been done in Pump for years. It takes a little bit to get used to (you do want to go into the row movement after a C&P out of habit) – great track (well, any Cascada track IMO is great!)

Triceps: “Hook Me Up” – Veronicas: No bars used in this track. Again bit different but it works. One thing that frustrated me a little is doing kickbacks on one side only then going into tricep pushups on the bench immediately – means one side of your body gives out on the pushups as it’s pre-exhausted while the other is fresh. Then you do it again. Would make more sense to me to do kicks backs on one side, then the other, then the push ups. Maybe that doesn’t fit the music as well. Also features seated overhead presses with a plate (or two). Not a big fan of the music itself but didn’t really notice it due to the pain!

Biceps: “Start It” – Vanessa Amorosi; This track was the most painful for me – it seemed to go on forever with seemingly dozens of bottom halves yet the track itself (apparently) is short! The music itself didn’t do that much for me but who knows could grow on me…

Lunge track: “Listen To Your Heart” – Nick Skitz; This isn’t really a “lunge” track per se – in reality it’s another fricken squat track! The track is comprised of front squats which haven’t been in Pump for years and years. This is where the bar rests across the top of your chest/shoulders on the front of your body and not behind your neck. The advantage of this is that it keeps your posture in better alignment (when done properly I might add). The disadvantage is that it’s easy to lose balance, you can’t go anywhere near as heavy and it can feel very arkward. We’re told to use our warmup weight so most people will be fine. The other component is lots of “Forward-Stepping Pulsing Lunge” – which are okay but could be problematic for anyone with dickey knees. As a rule I hate this track no matter what it is so hard to judge whether I hated it a little more or a little less!

Shoulders: “My Game” – Darude; Ouch. As expected loads and loads of side raises, and overhead presses. No surprises here (like Arnold Presses!) that I can recall.

Abs: “Forever” – Chris Brown; Lots of plate work here, no hovers/planks to speak of.

Cooldown: “Dare To Live” – Andrea Bocelli; I was surprised to like this cooldown, really pretty track and a great end to the workout.

Overall I give BODYPUMP 68 the thumbs up as I enjoyed it! I’ll add to this after I’ve done it a few more times. If you like more info you can find the sizzler and links to the songs on youtube (where possible) here. Enjoy!


2 Responses to "BODYPUMP 68 : Initial review"

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Hi Glen,

Great site. I’ve just started Body Combat and Body Pump (as a participant) and love ’em both.

My instructor tells me we’ll be doing BP68 from next week so it was great to read your review and see what’s in store. I can’t wait !!

Keep up the great posts.



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