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Every BODYCOMBAT track listing now added

Posted on: December 4, 2008

Hey guys, just added a page that has every BODY COMBAT track listing right through from release 1 till the current (at time of writing it’s BC38). I’ll be adding each release as soon as I get the info (already have about half of 39 but won’t list it till it’s confirmed…)

You can now find the full list via the link above or simply click here.

You’ll find BODYCOMBAT 3 listed even though it’s been withdrawn (always interested in more info on that if you do know more about it – specific details as to why it was deemed unsafe are sketchy).

If you can assist any further or notice any errors (I’m pretty sure they’re all correct but who knows!) then please drop me a line below, every little bit of info is appreciated!


7 Responses to "Every BODYCOMBAT track listing now added"

Sweet! Thanks Glen 😀


Been following your blog for a long time… a silent reader. Thank you so much, truely appreciate a collection of BC releases.

PS I am loving BC38.

If you want to be the best site with tracklists out there, change BC37 track 3 to “Darren Styles” instead of “Darryn”. 😀

Hi Glen

Thanks for the Body Combat list, it is very useful.

However, I have a few tracks that we use at our Gym that I can’t find on the list and those tracks are as follows:-

Always; Are you gonna go my way; Do they know it’s Christmas; Lay your love on me; Painted Cow (Nessaja); When you’re looking like that; and Everybody Jump.

Can you tell me where they fit in?

Love your site.

Kind Regards


Hi Geoff

Do they know it’s Christmas was a special bonus track on BC26 – I’ve actually never done it but I should really add it to the list! (it’s the only time that’s been done in combat)

Everybody jump I presume is the muay thai from BC16 (Jump – The Movement – great track!)

The rift from “Are you going my way” is used in Guitar Damage from BC26 – so perhaps that’s the one you’re thinking of (another great track!)

I’m not sure Nessaja is in combat? There’s A LOT of scooter tracks but I’m not heard of that one (anyone else know this?)

As for When you’re looking like that and Lay your love on me – I suspect these are sampled into other songs – but from the top of my head I’m not sure which ones. I’ll have a listen to them and let you know!

Hope this helps!

Thanks Glen.

Your comments are much appreciated.


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