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The perils of BODYCOMBAT…

Posted on: December 2, 2008

So 5:00am this morning I was going through a few of the tracks from BC38 as I was taking the full release at a 6:30am class and wanted to be sure I made no errors (I’ve taught many of the tracks in various classes of the last few weeks but not taken the full release start to finish until this morning).

I’d had a fairly rubbish night’s sleep and I guess I was only semi-awake, in the lounge of my apartment with the intention of going through the DVD track by track so it was all fresh in my mind for class. I say intention as it didn’t quite pan out the way I’d planned. Picture this, I have a 42inch plasma on one wall and a mirror on another. So I’m facing the mirror going through the warmup. Upper body warm up, no problems. Lower body starts – stretch first. Into left knee step step right knee step step… all good. Into the first kick; side kick to the left. Smash! Plasma comes flying off the wall!

If I wasn’t awake before that I certainly was as I dove to catch my screen as it flew towards the floor! Thankfully I caught it – and it did gave me a funny story to tell the class. Morale of the story is I definitely need a bigger apartment!


15 Responses to "The perils of BODYCOMBAT…"

Hahaha, WHOOOPS! πŸ˜€

Tell me about it! Hey, class went awesomely though and my story got a good laugh!

If you can catch things like that you might just earn yourself a spot in the Black Caps cricket team *LOL* (can you bat?)

I think I’ll buy an MP3 player or an Ipod so I can practice the tracks I’ve downloaded outside on the back lawn – to avoid injury to myself or damage to a household appliance! (who cares if the neighbours think I’m weird!!)

Haha… If cricket was played with large plasmas worth several grand than yep I’d be giving Vettori a run for his money πŸ™‚

My neighbours already think I’m weird due to my comings and goings at such strange hours (I mean who in their right mind heads off to the gym at 5:45am! – apart from the readers of this blog no doubt!)

I think you’re nuts for heading off to the gym at that hour. πŸ˜€

It’s that bloody 6:10am class that gets me!

Hahahhahaha!!! Your story gave me a good laugh this morning. Thx for a great start to my Tuesday.

It goes to show that you have GREAT reflex, dude! Bravo! πŸ˜‰

P/S – Everyone has weird neighbours. We think they’re weird, they think we’re weird. So who really cares! Just do what makes us happy and as long as we stay on our side of the fence, all’s legal and good, rite? πŸ˜‰

It may show I have great reflexes but it also shows I need to place my kicks a little better! πŸ˜‰

6:10am?? Bugger that!!! I know what I am doing at 6:10 in the morning ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ *LOL* I find it bad enough getting up at 6:30 to bike to work

The classes at LM in Christchurch start at 6:30am and there is are no early morning Combat or attack classes… (thankfully!)

oopsie. that’s a good story to share with the class. the class is tads early though…

There’s a 6:10 in the morning now?

There’s no way i’m ever taking morning classes. I’ve covered a couple pump ones before, at by 3pm I was falling asleep.


Awesome site, always love to read on whats happening in Combat..Im a fanatic and have ben doing it for 2 years now. I lost 38kg in 4 months by doing combat and dieting. I did no other excersise. My best friend Emilio is one of the best combat instructors in Melbourne..He was my inspiration.

We want to organise a Body Combat exhibition at Federation Square in Melbourne city, do you know if it’s possible for Les mills to sponsor something like that and maybe have Rach and Dan make a guest apperance?

Also, what are the best shoes for combat, i have Nike Free 7.0 and i want to buy something similar, but there isn’t much option is Australia? Also where can i get some cool Combat boxing shorts?

Thanks for this site, good to see dedicated people for combat..keepup the good work…

Claude from Aus!!!

Hey Claude, congrats on those results mate, fantastic!!!

Re the BC exhibition, probably best to pitch that to the directors themselves. You can msg Dan directly at and he’ll get back to you, he’s usually pretty good like that.

Re the shoes I’ve tried a lot and the best in my opinion is definitely Nike Free 3.0’s. I also own the 5.0s and the 3’s are way lighter and much easier to kick correctly in. I just bought some boxing shorts for the latest combat release here (see – I got them from – otherwise official combat gear can be bought from – they both ship worldwide too. Hope this info helps!

Thanks again and keep on fighting! πŸ™‚

Awesome Glen, thanks alot for the info…Hope your classes are going well. I may be coming to New Zealand soon to visit my mate, if i do i would like to check out your classes..Thanks so much for the info again and i look forward to hearing more exciting news on combat..

Cheers mate..Keep up the great work!!

Thanks – that would be awesome just let me know! πŸ˜€

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