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BODYCOMBAT 40 – Theories…

Posted on: November 17, 2008

After the intensive with Dan Cohen (BC programme director) on Saturday I’ve come up with a few theories about some changes we can expect to see in Combat – and my guess is we’ll probably see them from BODYCOMBAT 40. BC40 marks exactly ten years of the programme, so if you were going to make some changes that would be as good a time as any. Dan didn’t say anything specific other than that the programme is evolving and we can expect to see some changes. So here’s some of my ideas (bear in mind I literally have no inside knowledge and these are all just a shot in the dark).

Addition of a circuit style track? You may recall back in September I wrote about the fact that Dan had pitched the idea of adding a “circuit style” track to BC, a track where the class is split into groups and each group does a different exercise or drill. Well, based on the fact that Dan had us doing a circuit in the intensive my guess is this is a definite. In my opinion we could possibly expect to see a circuit track added into BC – if not in BC40 then definitely in BC41. Exactly how this will work or what track it’ll replace is anyone’s guess…

Traditional ginga tech

Traditional ginga tech

Change in ginga technique: There’s no gingas in BC39 so I’m picking from BC40 we see it back, and with some changes. Dan did hint that this could be the case. As far as I can guess they’ll be no lifting of the toe, less wrapping of the arm around the back of the body and it will be much truer to authentic capoeira form.

Roundhouse kicks from the back leg? In BODYCOMBAT we only ever roundhouse off the front leg. As far as I can tell it’s a safety issue. Yet you can create so much more power off the back leg. My guess is we may start seeing roundhouse kicks from the back leg in BC40 too. There may even be moves like the “switch roundhouse”!! Now that would be cool!

I could be way off base here, what are your thoughts? Be interested to know. No matter what I guess we’ll find out in a couple months at the BC40 filming!

23 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 40 – Theories…"

Arrrgghh, great reads the last couple of posts, but I don’t want a stupid circuit-track! Geeeesh! 😦 *sigh*

I’m with you bud, I don’t really see the point either. I guess it depends on how it’s structured but really the question has to be asked… why???

I also guess we will see Jujitsu in BC40 or sometime soon! 😉

Half you’re luck dude… BC intensives… jeez.
It’ll be interesting to see the evolutions that do come.

I’m sure because of the pervasive nature of the BC product, globally scale we’ll be given the tools we need to sucessfully setup a circuit track.

Bring on the challange!

Mind you, it’s going to be hard when you’ve got full to over-flowing classes.
Not sure how that’s going to work.

I just tried to do a ‘back roundhouse’ kick in my lounge and I lost my balance, slipped over and nearly hit my head on the ironing board! – so i think they are pretty dangerous! LOL

I don’t like the circuit track idea either – that just sounds dumb!

they should do more tracks with the ‘back fist’ (Arms Race ESK track)

Hey Nick, lots of tracks use the Back Fist; U + Ur Hand (31), The Final Countdown (28), Tribal Dance (27), Kickin’ Hard (25), Take A Break (23), U Can’t Touch This (20), Never Surrender (19) and Move It (17) to name a few. 😀

Trying to figure out what the other two new Martial Arts will be…

Nick – thankfully we try to minimise the number of ironing boards we keep in the group fitness room! 😉

Glen – That only leaves you then, judging from your pic. 😉

*LOL* yeah – I don’t know any martial arts moves apart from the ones we do in BC at the moment. but some of the ones Jet Li / Jacki Chan do on the movies look pretty cool ! *L*

I didn’t like the plyo lunges they bought in to track 5 BC36?, because I have done BA a bit & I always associated plyo’s with Attack, but they have grown on me…

I think the back fist is pretty cool and I like the Hammerfist to the groin (BC36 T2? – Born to be wild)

have done track 2, 3, 4 & Muay Thai from BC38 – Love the Hives song for track 2!!

Only 8.5 days til we release BC38!

BC38 will not hit Malaysian shores till at least one more month. :((((((

I posted a thread on LMT re back leg roundhouse and I asked Rach if it would ever come into combat..She didn’t commit. For me it feels better than a front leg RH but I think it’s a bit more technical and given your experience Glen I think health and safety training should be compulsory re household appliances.
I personally like the idea of a circuit track as long as it maintains the intensity. T3 and T8 have been pretty similar for a while re chorry, tempo and feel.

I think a circuit track could be useful as a conditioning track, T6 legs including core and upper body then up and on with the fight. I think upper body conditioning at the end is a waste of time, the muscles have nothing left and so no real benefit is gained from strength taining at this point.

I agree Bev, the circuit training track could be beneficial if structured correctly – which I don’t doubt Dan and Rach will do. As you mentioned T3 and T8 are pretty similar these days (in fact I’m sure for BC36 Rach said that originally T3 was going to be a T8) so I’m sure we could sub out one of those.

Probably if I had my preference I’d have it as a track 6 – good grief these esquiva tracks are killers!!! Mind you in saying that I did really enjoy the track 6 in BC39. Whatever happens will certainly be interesting!

Re: Leading leg roundhoue kick. Try stepping with the back leg to meet the front leg then throw a roundhouse with the front leg. Eventually the step should become a skip and then an explosive skip. You get to cover lots of ground this way and provided you pivot your supporting foot it is safe.



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Rumour has it one of the tracks is FOOTLOOSE!

mmm… interesting…

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Hey guys!

is it true that Dan and Rachel are going to leave the stage before this BC40 release?

it’s a rummor.. but if it’s true.. goshh!!

I saw the rumor about D&R leaving us after 40….someone please comfort me 😦

Katherine – they are currently trialling BC41 at the moment so I’d almost certainly guarantee this rumour is false. Not sure where it came from but it’s certainly persistent!

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