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Posted on: November 13, 2008

Oh my God what a night! An absolutely packed class (I think we came close to setting the gym’s record… all up about 50 people!!). All the regulars, a few new people, plus other Combat, Pump and Step instructors from gyms all over town showed up in support. So many friendly smiling faces – how could I have possibly been nervous! Such an honour and definitely something I was never forget. The whole class (to me) seemed to last all of 7 or 8 minutes and was over much too quickly…. it was just a blur!

One thing I will say is that many people made for one hot room – I was a red sweaty mess come the end of the muay thai track that’s for sure!

After the class the assessor took me aside, her first words were “Well there’s absolutely no question you passed!” – was hard pressed stopping myself from cartwheeling around the gym at that point!

Honestly the support I’ve received has been amazing and it truly made all the difference. From my trainer (Mel – you rock babe!), family, friends, other instructors and messages of support from you guys – I jumped on stage thinking “I’ve got this nailed” and as a result didn’t make a single error. So thank you thank you thank you!!!

Day after tomorrow I’m bowling along to the BODYCOMBAT 38 release so I’ll be sure to post a full review here as soon as I can. Until then thanks again guys! YOU ROCK!!! πŸ˜€

12 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT CERTIFIED!!! Yay! :)"

Hi Glen,,, and here it is, the 1st. one… I TOLD YOU SO!!!! lol*

Congrats man!!!!! we all know that you would be certified, there was no question about it and that’s soo awesome that all your friends, family and others instructors gave you their support.

So keep enjoying your classes and with the same passion =)

hope maaaybeee some day we can teach a class 2gether,,, that would be such an honor for me =)

take care and stay with the fight!!!

Thanks buddy! Would be awesome to TT with you – you’ll have to plan a trip to NZ! πŸ™‚

Ho Glen,,,,, so here it is, the 1st. one… I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!! lol*

Congrants man!!!!! we all know that you would be certified there was no question about it, and sooo awesomee that all your friends, family and others instructors gave you their support,,, =) like you said that was such a motivation…

so keep enjoying the classes and with the same passion, remember at the end you are there for the people, hope maybeee some day i can teach a class with you man, that would be such an honor for me =)

take care and stay with the fight,,, XD

Congrats Glen, bet your over the moon

Hey Glen!! Was just looking online for the Combat track list and found this site!! Couldn’t believe it was you! LOL. I come to many of yours and Mels classes! Well the class you took on Wednesday night was fantastic! Congrats on passing – there was never really a question if you would or not!! Anyway….kepp up the good work and see u soon πŸ™‚

Thanks guys! πŸ˜€

Isabel hopefully see ya for the class tonight!

Hope you are feeling a bit better Glen, Mel told me you weren’t feeling well. Too much party aye? See u soon.

Keep up the passion and dedication. Fight on!

I knew it! CONGRATS! πŸ˜€ Now come to Sweden and TT with me. πŸ˜€

Thanks again guys! πŸ™‚

Isabel – yep much better thanks – woke up rearing to go today!

Andreas – sounds like a plan! Though may make a little more sense you coming here (you can come to a filming at the same time!) πŸ˜€

It doesn’t make more sense because I’m not the one with lots of money. (I pretend you do) πŸ˜€

Hello! Looking around the net I found your page. I LOVE Body Combat and all about the Les Mills philosophy…for this year, my goal is also to become a certified BC trainer and my instructor has started to train me since last year…at the end of last year my trainer invited me to the workshop and I felt like I was in heaven!…I’m so happy when I find out about ppl who understand and share my passion! don’t you think it’s amazing that it has no boundaries and it’s a worldwide phenomenon?…my DREAM is to one day visit New Zealand and be there where it all happens!…congratulations from Mexico πŸ™‚

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