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BODY PUMP 68 Tracklist / Sizzler :)

Posted on: October 30, 2008

Although I’m only a BODYPUMP participant (I’m thinking maybe I’ll do the instructor module next year) I’ve had a few requests for the Body Pump 68 track list, so here it is! Below are the links to the songs on youtube (as best I could find) – obviously until the workshop I can’t guarantee that these are the exact versions used by Les Mills. The quarterly is in two weeks (November 15) so I’ll post my feedback then. Have now added my review here 🙂 In the meantime enjoy!

1. “Perfect Day” – Indigo
2. “Big Girls Don’t Cry” – Nick Skitz
3. “It’s Not My Time” – 3 Doors Down
4. “What Do You Want From Me” – Cascada
5. “Hook Me Up” – Veronicas
6. “Start It” – Vanessa Amorosi
7. “Listen To Your Heart” – Nick Skitz
8. “My Game” – Darude
9. “Forever” – Chris Brown
10. “Dare To Live” – Andrea Bocelli

So, based on the song choices alone… whaddya think???

BODYPUMP 68 Sizzler:

Look forward to lots of exciting new tempos and combos in BODYPUMP®68.

There is more focus, for example, on pure strength in the Chest Track, emphasis on power in the Back Track and overall, you are going to get a huge cardio blast. There are also some cool new moves in the Triceps, Lunges and Abs Tracks. Watch for lots of Singles and Bottom Halves in combination with slow strength in the Squats Track. The six sets of Singles will increase your heart rate, burn calories and help you get fit faster!

The heavy beat and uplifting feel of Big Girls Don’t Cry really powers you through this great interval training session. The new tempo in the Chest Track is the Slow Bottom Half – it is all about control and it’s tough! Watch out for the 4 Clean & Presses in a row in the Back Track. This is intense! This will lift up the heart rate and bring a huge power-training effect to this track.

No bar is used in the Triceps Track instead, the focus is on Kickbacks, Pushups and Seated Extensions and you’ll be able to sing along to the Veronicas’ Hook Me Up. Again, the Bottom Halves are the killers in the Biceps Track but give it your all because the song is short.

A remix of Listen to Your Heart will get you through the killer butt workout that is the Lunges Track. Your legs are going to be hammered with the Forward-Stepping Pulsing Lunge and then you’re going to give whatever’s left to the new move – the Front Squat. You position the bar on the front of your shoulders which gives you a totally new sensation in your legs and helps you maintain a perfect back position when squatting.

The Plate Crunch in the Abdominal Track adds resistance to your sixpack. Straight from the weight room, this is authentic resistance abs work at its best and will seal the deal in BODYPUMP® 68.


21 Responses to "BODY PUMP 68 Tracklist / Sizzler :)"

Hi Glen, thanks for the info!!!!! like i said before you keep me well informed…

and yes,,, you should do the module, BP rulez!!

FYI: today at my gym we’re gonna launch BC 37 (yes in Mexico we’re a liiiiiitle bit behind hehe) ,,, like the theme is vampires/underworld we choose a halloween theme (darkness, soft lights, etc),,, hope the people enjoy it.

Take Care,,, XD

You’re welcome Juan! Hey good luck with the release, I’ve been doing at BC37 almost everyday (at least 3 tracks) for over two months and I’m still not sick of it!

Have fun… and let me know how it goes! 🙂

Thx!! Can’t wait for our quarterlies in Dec 🙂

All the best if you decide to do BP training!

hey,,, how are you guys?! i hope you’re fine!!

Me, i’m sooo happy for last night, we had our BC37 release and it was amazing,,, the people loved it!!!!!!!!!!! was soo cool… hope i can sent you some pics =)

Now, we’re gonna plan the launch for BP67 =) any ideas, theme for this?!

Take Care!

I love Bodypump but why are there so very few rock tracks???

Jenny – funny I wondered the same thing. Combat 38 is the same, it has one kind of rock track out of 12! I don’t mind so much myself personally, but I am sure it frustrates others.

I didn’t make the filming of BP69 but I’ll ask some of my friends who did and find out if that’s a little “rockier” 🙂

they can’t go wrong with Cascada for a back track!!!

Gosh! I am not impress at all with Body Pump 68 music, such rubbish! there are loads great songs out there, why pick such boring ones, i hope 69 is better. i hope my instructor will mix some old ones to cheer me up!

Hmmm… the one comment I have (at this stage) is it’s rather strange having two Nick Skitz tracks in both combat 38 and pump 68 simultaneously. Four in total! Makes you wonder if LM got a bulk discount!

I can’t comment further as I’ve still not done this release (at workshop combat was at 11am and pump at 5pm and I didn’t have the stamina to hang around all day after 3 hours of classes and that darn intensive!) and the chorry makes a big difference to the way I feel about a track. Will know more next week 🙂

Hey! One of the best choices I ever made was completing the instructor module. Best of luck to you! I am waiting for this release in the mail as we speak. WOO HOO!

Hi Glen,

Thanks for this post. Glad to hear more bottom halves are coming…I love the intensity! It’s always nice to hear about what is coming in the next BP release…since here in Ontario Canada, we are just starting to mix & match older release tracks.

hey glen…. thanks for the info…. i really love body pump and everytime there’s a bp class, the whole studio is packed to the brim… the song choices are kind of weird?! don’t really like them,,, my instructor has yet to release it,,,, we’re kinda behind in malaysia… anyway… thx lots keep rockin

Hey Glen

Your info is much appreciated. I’ve been joining the Body Pump 67 for 2 months in Denmark. I loved it, especially one of my favourite P!nk’s Cuz I Can. I couldn’t help singing along every time. It seems that the song tracks in 68 are sort of weird. I do love The Veronicas and Hook Me Up is the only song I enjoy after I hear the 10 tracks. Well, maybe 3 doors down’s is also cool. We’re going to try the new release on 3rd Jan. Can’t wait too long…:-p


Hi again!
guess the message is loud and clear : more rock tracks in BP classes?

Hey Glen

Happy New Year!!! Today we tried the new release of Body Pump here in Denmark- It was actually not so painful. I guess it’s because I didnt use too much weights..I didn’t want to give myself too much pressure for the first class…It was fun but still I’m not used to the sound tracks..The biceps were not so long as I expected so I survived..:-P

PS, I tried the Body Jam 47..It was difficult though…

Have a nice day

Anybody know where we can download full body pump 68 track list!!!

Please paste the link if you guys know!



Hi Arif

Unfortunately these mixes are available only to instructors. I’m sure you could make up your own compilations based on the track lists that would be very similar however.

Sorry can’t be of more help!


Thanks for the information Glen,

Just I’m too exciting with body pump 68…
That’s why…
Anyway, all the moves are GREAT…
Especially squats and back exercise part 😀


Let me tell you body pump 68 the music is so bad its not the best pne you guys did

Hi Glen
Here in thailand my gym just launch BP68…’s ok,,,,
and i look forward to BP69 launch….here in thailand
You are the great one of BP Glen…..
Thanks for tracklist..

Greetings from thailand

hey we just launched pump 68 and people not liking that at not good and also the intensity is very poor this time.specialy shoulders biceps etc.67 was much better and 66 was hot and intense.

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