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BODY COMBAT 38 :: Track list (complete!)

Posted on: October 16, 2008

Finally got the full BODYCOMBAT 38 tracklist below – mainly thanks to you guys! You rock! I’ve also linked to the vids on youtube (where possible) in case you’re not familiar with a song… enjoy!

Track 1a: “Writing on the wall” – 2-4 Grooves
Track 1b: “Because the Night” – Cascada
Track 2: “Try It Again” – The Hives
Track 3: “Like I feel (squad-e mix)” – D:code Feat Emma
Track 4a: “Headbangerz Rock Da Club” – Nick Skitz
Track 4b: “Cold As Ice” – Starsplash
Track 5: “The Best Damn Thing” – Avril Lavigne
Track 6: “No Good” – The Prodigy
Track 7: “Raver’s Paradise (Stadium Mix)” – Nick Skitz feat MC BB
Track 8: “What hurts the most (Al Storm remix)” – Cascada
Track 9: “When I grow up” – Pussycat Dolls
Track 10: “Say (All I Need)” – OneRepublic

Wicked that’s all of them – thanks guys!

Just got an message on Facebook that Dan and Rach are trialling BC39 in their class at Les Mills Auckland – apparently it’s really cool – I’m so jealous!

Thanks again guys!

10 Responses to "BODY COMBAT 38 :: Track list (complete!)"

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Hello, stumbled on your blog. The song list:

1a. Writing On The Wall – 2–4 Grooves
1b. Because The Night – Cascada
2. Try It Again – The Hives
3. Like I Feel (Squad E Mix) – D:Code feat. Emma
4a. Headbangerz Rock Da Club – Nick Skitz
4b. Cold As Ice – Starsplash
5. The Best Damn Thing – Avril Lavigne
6. No Good (Start The Dance) – The Prodigy
7. Raver’s Paradise – Nick Skitz feat MC BB (Stadium Mix)
8. What Hurts The Most (Al Storm Remix) – Cascada
9. When I Grow Up – The Pussycat Dolls
10. Say (All I Need) – OneRepublic

Fight on!

Thanks gymaddict! That’s awesome! Appreciated 🙂

Hi Glen,,, i’m from mexico and i’m a BodyCombat Instructor, thanks for the news you always keep me informed about the latest release hehehe, here we’re still with BC 37, hope 38 come soon, the tracklist looks amazing.

Please feel free to stay in touch…

Regards,,, and Stay With The Fight!…

Some good work there! cheers for getting all the links for the songs, im looking forward to this release 😀

Hi Glen,

I’ve done most of BC38 now apart from the ab track and cooldown – we officially launch on Saturday morning.
I can’t believe that the release has just come out and there are already people moaning about some of the songs used (Avril Lavigne mainly) on the LM site!!
You can’t please everyone…..

If I am able to walk on Sunday I’ll share my thoughts on BC38! *L*

I know – what’s the saying – you can’t please all of the people all…

To be fair, I’m not an Avril fan but when you do the song with the chorry it’s a killer. Working one arm solid like that at a time means you certainly feel it! I’d imagine the people complaining probably haven’t even done the release yet – they’ve probably just seen the track listing.

Have fun on Saturday – look forward to your thoughts! 😀

Can’t believe it is Sunday night – day after BC38 release and I am still able to walk… just!
I thought it was awesome – some really good tracks there. I loved track 2 & I thought my arm was going to fall off in track 5, then we had to do the other side! and the Esquiva Lunge Kick in track 6 will take a bit of getting used to, I was losing my balance going from the Lunge to the kick – but man it works your legs!
The warmup was the only low point for me, but it will probably grow on me like Summer of 69 did!

I’ll let it all sink in over the next couple of weeks 🙂

OMG! I’ve been searching all over the internet for these… THANKS! 🙂

The Porchester Centre, (London, UK) is proud to present its first 3 hour Body Combat marathon in the grand setting of The Porchester Hall on 21st November at 10am.

Come and be a part of it and hook, jab and cross your way through the powerful and energetic tracks with the team of dedicated instructors on stage and 150 other participants. Tickets cost £12, with 25% of profits being donated to charity. To buy your ticket please ask at The Porchester Centre or call us on 0207 792 2919.

Fitness is a battle. Welcome to the frontline.

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