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BODYCOMBAT – The addition Capoeira a mistake or not???

Posted on: October 8, 2008

On the Les Mills BODYCOMBAT forum there’s currently a massive discussion going on regarding whether or not the introduction of Capoeira into the programme was a mistake. Without copying and pasting the entire thread into here, essentially it seems a lot of instructors feel when Dan and Rach added capoeira into combat (I believe it was BC30 with “Rock me Amadeus”) they started down a path that is, quote “the road to program oblivion” for the programme. They claim the difficulty of the move has discouraged a lot of participants, and that their numbers are way down since. Plus, it seems, these same instructors themselves (as a result?) have lost their passion for the programme… some claiming that the only reason they continue to do it is, quote “to get paid”.

In my mind this could well be a chicken/egg situation. Is it more likely the instructors’ numbers are dwindling because of the programme, or is it because of the attitude of the instructor. As I wrote within the thread: I truly believe that participants feed off the energy of the instructor – when the instructor is having a ball, smiling and giving off that indefinable “x factor” (that energy that makes people want to push harder) they leave the class buzzing and already hanging out for the next session. I don’t care how good an actor you are, if you aren’t enjoying combat anymore for whatever reason your class are going to feel it (whether it be on a conscious or subconscious level).

It therefore comes as little surprise that those that feel combat has gone in the wrong direction, or no longer enjoy it like they used to are seeing class numbers dwindle, whilst those that still have an immense PASSION for it are noticing the exact opposite. Coincidence? Hmmm… likely not.

At our club it’s getting to the point where we are having to look at turning people away as the combat class is so full – no other discipline is having this “problem”.


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