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BODYCOMBAT Module… This weekend!

Posted on: October 7, 2008

Just got a call from Les Mills head office minutes ago, called me to tell me I’m taking track five for the instructor module “Let’s see how far we’ve come” – which is very exciting! It was one of the ones I was hoping for – out of the eight cardio tracks I would’ve been happy with 1,2 5 or 8. Not too fussed on 3  as the chorey is so simple, I didn’t so much want 4 just because it’s quite repetitive and I’m not a huge fan of the back kick. 6 is quite slow – so hard to really work the levels and pump participants up (although you can of course make them go LOWER) and as for track 7, to be honest I’m just not a huge fan of the music!

But track 5 is all good! The only track I maybe would’ve preferred over this one is track 8, and that’s only because I just loooove the song. When teaching this track we’ve been calling it ‘combat-oke’ as we always make the members sing along… it’s a really upbeat track with loads of energy, and you can really work the levels and make people push harder and harder when teaching it. So yay!

1 Response to "BODYCOMBAT Module… This weekend!"

Hey this weekend I took the same bodycombat module on my country, the trainer gave me the same track they gave you, when I was performing it I get blocked so I felt that was a total mistake but at the end was fine.
keep training as I’m going to train
Good luck 😉

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