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BodyCombat Module :: one week to go…

Posted on: October 1, 2008

On one of the group fitness forums recently someone asked for tips as they were about to go into their instructor module training, here’s one of the more informative replies:

“1) I suppose someone has accidently dropped the DVD/CD in your gym bag? Get to know the music!!!

2) I think there have been other threads on this but the usuals – change of clothes (several!), snacks (cuz you ain’t gonna get the breaks). Get some good rehydration drinks (lucozade sport, maximuscle). You’re going to need to keep hydrated as you’re basically doing about 5 combat’s per day!

3) I think Roger was wise in saying book the Monday off and book in a sports massage (cuz your gonna seize up!).

4) If there is someone at the gym, try and go through the tracks. I don’t know your background – have you done ETM or GI? Have you team taught or even shadowed with someone. We’ve two grasshoppers who just did the DL module this past week with Tanya. One, who hasn’t taught up front before (despite my saying – get up front with me) got Track 1. So was the first one and didn’t even know what to do with the mic!

5) Have fun – cuz you will. Throw your self into it. Step way out of your comfort zone and enjoy.”

My first reaction? Jesus Christ! I pretty much assumed we’d be doing non stop combat for like 8 hours but no breaks? Seizing up? Take the Monday off and get a massage? Crikey what have I got myself into!

Haha, seriously it sounds hardcore but I think I’m pretty prepared. I know Body Combat 37 like the back of my hand, I’ve taught it now probably 15-20 times? So I’m pretty confident on stage. Having shadowed my trainer on stage for months and months now I thought I’d be pretty confident with the mic, but it’s a lot different. Definitely when I first started micing up about a month ago I was pretty shaky (nerves and all that) as it’s a lot to remember; You have to know the choreography by heart (obviously!) but that’s not the biggest issue. The biggest for me was the pre-cueing, both verbally and also cueing the next movement 2-4 beats ahead, whilst ensuring your own form is perfect. Add voice projection, giving technique tips, motivational tips, working the levels and it all adds up!

The other thing is working on your natural voice cues. Some of the things Dan and Rach say on the DVDs don’t feel entirely natural to me, so I’ve had to work on cues that do feel right – otherwise (in my mind) it could feel a little forced. It’s much easier to enthusiastically shout out a statement you feel comfortable with rather than something you don’t. Some of the cues like “Rambo said live for nothing or fight for something” – which are not only in the DVD but actually suggested within the combat notes are a little too cheesy for me… but in saying that others feel fine and in hindsight they’re super cheesy too (like at the end on BC37 track five when staying in the scissor sequence I’ve shouted “I wanna see you tear up the carpet!” – yep sitting here that seems kinda lame but feels comfortable to me on stage!)

So, moral of the story is next weekend I’ve gotta take a boat load of confidence, a boat load of clothing changes, and a boat load of protein bars!


1 Response to "BodyCombat Module :: one week to go…"

Funny that. This post finally makes sense now I’ve done my module 🙂 Thanks for sharing 😀

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