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Pink’s ‘So What’ in Body Combat 39 – bets anyone?

Posted on: September 30, 2008

I love Pink (the singer not the colour!) – so it came as no surprise to me that I’ve become hooked on her latest single “So What”. It’s got such a catchy riff “nana nana nana na-nana nana nana”. And it got me thinking, this would make a perfect combat song! Pink has been a popular track 6 in combat in the past (“Leave me alone” in BodyCombat 32 and “U + UR Hand” in BC31), her songs always have a little bit of ‘attitude’ perfect for combat! And So What is no exception! In fact driving to work this morning I could actually picture the choreography in my head ‘So What [jab jab cross] – I’m still a rock star [jab jab cross] I got my rock moves [upper upper] and I don’t need you [back kick – back kick], and guess what [repeat combo]’

Well in hindsight that chorey would suck but heck I worked it out while waiting at the lights five minutes ago I’m sure I could do better! Anyway, song is below (video ROCKS too!) let me know what you think! πŸ™‚

If you can’t see the vid above it’s here

UPDATE 31 October 2008: Latest word is So What is also in BODYPUMP 69 – yay!!!

10 Responses to "Pink’s ‘So What’ in Body Combat 39 – bets anyone?"

Further discussion here

Just been confirmed – So What IS in BC39 – God I’m good! πŸ™‚

really? confirmed?

Well that’s actually a good call – until the filming is done I guess nothing is confirmed. However Dan and Rach did “trial runs” of BC39 and evidentially it is one of the tracks. And in Bump 69 too rumour has it! πŸ™‚

you rock! thanks for all the inside scoop. we are waiting for bc38. track list is pretty cool. thanks again

when i heard that Pink track for the first time on some award show i said to my other half “this has just gotta be a combat track” its perfect!!! great minds hey,
(glad to hear “higher state” BC37 track 4, been waiting for that for years!)

[…] all the darn tracks that were in it! Sorry! nevermind, I can confirm my suspicions were correct and “So What” by Pink is the track 6 (more on that below) and I can also confirm Scooter vs. Status Quo “Whatever […]

So funny… just forund your blog on Google and I thought the same thing first time I heard the song. All the way to visualizing the choreography. Can’t wait to get Combat 39 here at my gym. Instructors are lerning it now… they just got home from quarterly in Atlanta a couple og weeks ago.

i got my backkick.

ive got my backkick

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