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Adding a ‘circuit style’ track to BodyCombat?

Posted on: September 22, 2008

Recently Dan Cohen (programme Director for Body Combat) posted a thread on the Les Mills forum asking for feedback on the possibility of adding a ‘circuit style’ track to BodyCombat. Here’s the post in it’s entirety:


so not that rach and i have put one in, however we have looked at the idea of a circuit style track.

your thoughts.

things to think about.

1, is it tough to teach alone if you use 4corners of the room.

2, exercise condition/kicking/punching.

3,music style, speed, feel.


The response has been mixed. However, personally I think this is a baaad idea. Here’s why:

Although I can see the merit in doing ‘drill’ type training I can’t really see the point in splitting the room into four corners and having them all do different exercises.

In a typical “circuit” style class  the reason people do different exercises is because they are moving to different pieces of equipment and it’s necessary – in combat as there is no equipment there’s really no reason why the whole room can’t be doing the same thing – there’s absolutely no need to rotate.

I think this could make teaching more difficult and possibly spoil the flow of the class. Of course without specifically seeing how it’s done it’s hard to comment but on face value that’s my $0.02.

Someone else pointed out the following: “Without an instructor to watch and copy, there can be no feedback or satisfaction for the participant.  How do they know if they are staying in synch with the choreography?  And properly executing? – Test : Ask the back half of your next BC class to face the back of the room for one track and see how satisfied they are with the result.  How is this different from the idea of a “circuit” track?” A valid point. With four corners each doing different exercises the instructor can really only spend adequate time in one place at any given time – meaning the other three corners will be working on timing, choreography, and technique of their own accord – effectively rendering them as if they are facing the back of the class without any guidance from the instructor.

But the overriding question in my mind is simple: Why do it? Is there any real reason to split the class up? As I’ve said there are no equipment so there’s no reason why everyone can’t do the same drill, facing the instructor and then all moving to the next exercise at the same time. As with almost everything the simplest solution is often the best… and for me that’s the bottom line.

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