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Sensing Murder? …Sensing Bullshit.

Posted on: September 11, 2008

Yesterday I sat and listened whilst my work colleagues discussed the show Sensing Murder. If you haven’t seen the show (boy do I envy you) it is according to Wikipedia “a television programme in New Zealand, Australia, and the United States, in which alleged psychics are asked to act as psychic detectives to help solve famous unsolved murder cases in each country.” It is a huge rating bonanza here in NZ, with something like a quarter of the country watching it! And, undoubtedly the show is a total and complete fucking scam. Now to me the fact this show is total bullshit is as obvious as the nose on my face. Yet, yesterday I sat in wide eyed disbelief as my *ahem* apparently intelligent workmates chatted about how amazing the show was, and more unbelievably how authentic the psychics are! I’m not going to spend hours discussing what a fricken sham this show is, numerous other websites and shows have done this already. I’ll simply ask the questions I asked yesterday, and repeat the lunacy of the answers I received.

For a show that purports to “… help solve famous unsolved murder cases in each country” the show in its three seasons has had an interesting track record: It’s helped solve; ZERO. None. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zippo. To me that seems like a very cut and dried record. In 27 episodes (and counting) not one murder has been solved because of these “psychics”. When I pitched this fairly obvious question at work I received an interesting answer “because the police need hard evidence to make an arrest”. Okay, fair enough, so then the next question begs to be asked: Why don’t the victims tell the psychics where to find the hard evidence; where their dead body is hidden; where the murder weapon is located; where the murder happened… I could go on and on. When I asked my colleagues this I got a dumbfounded look and no answer. Why do the psychics spend the entire show slowly “revealing” the information the police already know!

Below are two videos, both featuring Jeremy Wells, one from his show “Eating Media Lunch” (now removed from youtube) [now put back! March 2010] and the other a snippet from Media7 – have a look and tell me this entire show isn’t the biggest scam you’ve ever seen.

(If you need to see more after you’ve watched these you can see others here and here too).

33 Responses to "Sensing Murder? …Sensing Bullshit."

With regard to sensing murder, I personally can tell you first hand it’s bullshit. I new Kelvin Cruickshank before he became known for his skill MANIPULATION by most of New Zealand. Kelvin has since written a book and has exposed his innocent child. The Kelvin I new stayed at my house in his van at Waihi Beach a time apparently he found himself spiritually. I did not know nor did the several women he was sleeping with know he had a wife and child, when I found out I kicked his ass to the curb. This person has no integrity, my short stint of knowing Kelvin he belittled my son, told me I had fat legs and would find it hard finding men…Kelvin however, new I had just come out of an abusive relationship, I was a mess…Volunerable to preditors such as Kelvin. Watch out those who go to him…he thinks he is Jesus and on several occasions told me so…I feel for those who trust him, his ex-wife and his young son. To see him splattered over media brings my blood to boiling point…so many view him as a saint…when after all he really just serving his needs as always. I did not know there were a few of us women, however all of us are loving people and intelligent, we did eventually click on to this game player..but it should be illegal for him to exploit families…ITS SHOCKING!!

I have just watched him on the telly on Sencing Murder. I hope you can get him off the air if he is a scammer that I now believe..

It sounds like a case of ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’. I doubt if this letter supporting Mr Cruickshank will be published, but it’s time to say and it appplies to all Mr Cruickshank’s critics, that no one is bending your arm making you watch his shows or go to his readings. I’m also sure that he did not force you to let him stay at your place Patricia, we all have free will.
Learn to accept others and forgive them if you think they have hurt you and simply stop partaking in things that you do not like. This is better than watching and then criticising, and ultimately getting caught up in a negative cyle of thought and actions.
God bless you.

In other words, he dumped you.
I have no idea if KC is a scammer or not, but having read what you wrote, I am just as clueless as all you have written is bitter “I-was-dumped-stuff”.

I can’t find the Sensing Bullshit video :/ any suggestions?

Here is the video I think you are after “BBC 3 Bullsh!t detectors exposes three mediums”

and another one you may be interested in:

hmmm I found this after the strange happenings on the SM board. I would really like to know what actually happened on the forum to led to banning of members ect?? Was it because they spoke out against this kind of behaviour?

I was the 2nd one banned.. gagged more like it.. what happened to freedom of speech? it was after all a thread about tiger.

What on earth is going on here???? Why are these women being gagged from speaking the truth I wonder?????

Two posts from women on this site have mysteriously disappeared and reading what remains of the posts above it seems more women have been gagged from the sensing murder forum??? From a males perspective I can imagine it would have been difficult for these women to speak out as they have done so I am concerned, and even more curious as to why they have been silenced.

“The right way is not always the popular and easy way. Standing for right when it is unpopular is a true test of moral character” … Margaret Chase Smith

This is utterly outrageous. Those who have played a part in silencing these women should be ashamed……. wrong, utterly stupidly wrong!

Tony the comments were removed at the request of the women that wrote them.

I won’t presume as to guess why after making the effort to write them they suddenly wanted them removed but with all the threats of defamation going around on the SM board I’m sure you and I both can put 2 and 2 together.

The post by “Pinkie Pie” was removed as well (by me) as without the others it had no context.

Rest assured I’d never censor anything here… it was disappointing given they had finally spoken out but it was out of my hands…

Yes I too put 2 and 2 together nzglen. I think the man in question “Pinkie Pie” has alot to answer for…. his post that was removed was consistent with that of a guilty man. I would like to let all women know that there are many of us men who respect women and who admire you for speaking out.

From reading Patricia’s posting above many people are now aware that there have been more women such as herself that have have been exploited by this individual and spoken out, only to be silenced. We all know truth is mighty and will prevail.

One of the posts removed provided the following from a book which I have since read and was unable to tear myself away from … it is a “must read”. I am re-posting this in respect of those women who have been silenced…and also in respect to all other women out there.

“Freeing Yourself from the Narcissist in Your Life” – Author Linda Martinez-Lewi


A pernicious type of narcissist presents himself as a spiritual mentor. Attractive, bright, charismatic — these individuals flourish within a current popular cultural phenomenon that I call “spiritual-lite”. They practice pseudo-spirituality, presenting themselves as gurus who will ease your psychological pain, heal your physical maladies, and rescue your soul. Slick, smooth, and media-savvy, they write books, give seminars and produce CDs, video’s, internet websites, and television presentations that offer visions of instant enlightenment, like a new brand of microwavable dinners. THESE NARCISSISTIC INDIVIDUALS ARE HIGHLY SOPHISTICATED AND SHREWD ABOUT HUMAN DESIRES AND WEAKNESSES. THE PREY ON THE, VULNERABLE WHO ARE LONELY, HAVE CHRONIC EMOTIONAL PROBLEMS OR ARE BORED WITH THE MONOTONY OF THEIR DAILY LIVES. Not so long ago, in his classic work “The Culture of Narcissism” Christopher Lasch warned the West about these “teachers” and their rabid followers: “In a dying culture, narcissism appears to embody — in the guise of personal “growth and awareness” —” the highest attainment of spiritual enlightenment”.

THE GURUS OF SPIRITUAL LITE FOOL MOST PEOPLE. Many of them have stellar educations and glowing credentials on paper. They are physically attractive, socially adroit, gifted in the art of persuasion. The critical flaw is with their characters, they are narcissistic personalities, wolves in sacred clothing. These pseudo-gurus soothe and mesmerize prospective followers. They rely on the impatience of the restless, meandering Western mind, which is always looking for a quick fix to take away the pain.

“Spiritual-lite” comes in a variety of packages: from plain brown wrapper to the most extravagant coverings, from a days workshop to a sumptuous cruise halfway around the world, to an ashram filled with gold coins. The price of attaining pseudo-spirituality can be high, with charlatans and con artists becoming materially very comfortable with the consequence. The most successful ones create entire industries of “spritualisation”. They proselytize through the constant flow of their seminars and retreats. Public speaking fees alone can land them tens or thousands of thousands of dollars for a single event. I have seen the most sophisticated and educated individuals seduced by “SPIRITUAL-LITE NARCISSISTS”.

TRUE SPIRITUALITY is the OPPOSITE of narcissism. Its purpose is to work through layers of delusion to the truth. Teachers on a spiritual path focus on you not themselves. An authentic spiritual person comes without fanfare; he is not waiting for the next Closeup, speaking fee, or autograph. Genuine spiritual paths are filled with hard work, discipline, and supreme patience and perseverance. The contain many ruts, steep hills, and sheer cliffs. Spiritual progression is hard-won. The true guru is humble. He is attached neither to making large sums of money nor to becoming famous and powerful in the world.

What annoys me, people are accused of judging. Well, isn’t saying “he/she is hot”, or “he/she is full of love and light” judging too? .. and defamation.. bloody bull shit. And there is a difference between false claims and true facts, if people don’t want to believe that the likes of these people should get away with what they are doing grrrr, whos name was mentioned except “tiger”… as far as i’m concerned what comes around goes around.. if someone wants to mess with peoples heads and hearts .. isn’t that negative shit? and the posters were being negative? (pmsl) when they are supposedly in a happy relationship, these are predators and they should be exposed.. too many people get hurt, get sucked in.

Relationships have suffered, but others haven’t because they are oblivious to what goes on.

Well if what was ‘hinted’ at was true it certainly has opened my eyes and raised huge questions. The reaction of banning has put me right off. (The members banned weren’t trolls or people who joined to make trouble-they were respected and loved members) That sets me warning bells ringing. The whole don’t judge, don’t question has gotten too much for me as well. We all make judgements all day everyday. They are what keep up safe and what help to define us as indviduals.

WOW! All I can say is way to go ladies, because your truths ARE important. Thats your prerogative! Power to you all! I’m sorry it seems you are feeling the pressure of “defamation” I hope your voices are heard. It is a sad world that often it is the victims who suffer even more once they do “come out”. Its not fair and rather worrying. Especially as it is such a hard thing to do in the first place.

If what was alluded to in here was also alluded to in that site. It seems doubly unfair and unjust that people were banned. Especially for speaking their truths. I too thought we lived in a freedom of speech country, but seeing as bannings have happened, maybe not! A bit like “Which side of the bread is your butter” mentality perhaps? One has to wonder what the ulterior motives are for those people in charge of that site?

I’m rather disappointed as it appears that some “spiritual” members in there aren’t practicing what they preach. They are making their judgments and opinions – voicing their disappointment and anger at those that obviously also had their own voice!!! Rather un-spiritual me thinks! Maybe they need to study their “How To Be Spiritual” guides?

My interpretation of “Judgment” is:

an opinion formed by judging something; an assessment of a situation, person or circumstance.

Is that not what those supposed spirit ppl are doing? Rather hypocritical!!!! Saying others have made false and unfair judgments.

As I don’t know the ins and outs, all I can say is continue to “speak your truth” if that’s what you need to do. As no one has the right to “judge” another unless they are not personally involved, maybe some ppl should just “shut up” and leave it to those that need to tell their own personal story.

BTW I do like your Margaret Smith quote Tony. And NZGlen I am very pleased you do not have censorship tendencies! May the force be with you! LOL

Just so everyone knows the additional comments by Pinkie Pie were also removed by request here

Thanks for that Glen. Interesting Pinky Pie said “comments from today” when in fact they were there a week. What’s that about?

Re Sensing Murder re kelvin cruickshank. I see that a baby was due 30th? SM forum members seem to be awaiting news. Must have been a planned c sect then? I actually wonder if the first to know will be readers of New Idea, as I’m sure he will probably make money off his new born to boost his income, as celebs do

[…] More Cruikshank criticism here […]

It seems there is a story here that needs to be told.

putting the shows criticisms aside..(there is always doubt when it comes to any show that has so many positive hits of paranormal activity especially as shows are so easily edited) there is nothing to say that there are not genuine psychics out there who are helping the police. Even if the police did solve a case following a psychic lead, it is highly unlikely that they would ever admit it or the whole thing would be thrown out of court. Either way..i would not say that shows like sensing murder are a complete waste of time..they do two things..they give the grieving family a chance to feel like their suspicions are true and also in some cases might bring up new leads in the form of people coming forward with fresh might just be enough to prick the conscience of an accomplice or someone with knowledge of the crime to come forward or put pressure on police public pressure to reopen cases that have been shelved due to budgetary constraints.Personally i think it would be better if they ditched the psychics and just have the private investigators chasing down leads..much more riveting viewing if you ask me. One last word..the lady up above..geeez..personal vendettas from a soured relationship should not come into this debate. We are never painted in the kindest of light by our former lovers and after all the man is not here to defend himself.


Former lovers tend to be negative.Especially when they think they are treated unjust.
But sometimes a relationship just doesn’t work for on person anymore.
And the other stays behind feeling hurt.
The trick is to not indulge into hateful feelings.
Ayway.I still don’t know if this Kelvin is in it ‘also’ for the money.Too many of these famous people are…

I don’t believe in those people either. If they had a talent for talkng to dead people and they were profiting off it rather than interested in helping families they aren’t worth living and would be haunted by the spirits. I also question why the dead are not telling these “psychics” where to find evidence etc. They are just users who don’t want to work at a real job.

I would just like to say that my husband and I met Kelvin at a friend’s dinner party in 2001 well before he was well known. He gave us a reading about a much loved friend who had passed away 8 months before hand. He started by telling us the friend’s name straight away, and the rest of what he had to say was very accurate. There was absolutely no way he could have known about our friend before we met him. I really can’t comment on the relationship stuff from his past except to say that we have all done and said things when we were younger that we would never do when we’re older and wiser. It’s called growing up. Psychic mediums are no exception!

Hard to tell

I’m not saying that psychics are real or fake but how many times has the police not followed a lead by them

Wow I’m a bit late with my comment since the first one was in 2009. What the hell, life begins in 2013 and I’m only a few years of hitting 60YRS, bugger.

Have any of these people with negative comments to make actually read Kelvins book? he does mention that he did spend a time being a wanker( not in those words) he always had a gift but found it hard to handle so pushed it away,.. he’s human like all of us, In our younger days we all did stupid things, being a man no doupt he hurt a few women… got to laugh at the hate posted on here.. the show back in 2009 was generated to expose that psychics were doing this work, to make it accepted policy, Even with the results they got it was investigators who put foward the infomation, if none of these cases were followed up ask the POLICE why not dont disrespect the show the psychics nor the INVESTIGATORS who follow up the leads and pass that info on (GET IT) Like any job $ feeds us makes us live survive even, to do what he does, which is amazing. But to publicly put his face on tv and show his gift takes guts and spirt… good on em SUE, DEB. DARREN, KELVIN.

smiles xx

like mental health if you knew scientolgy has all the answers there would be no need for doctors.meds.and prisons. if he lead you to the bodys we wouldnt need police, for what. ie: hay kelvin here yea um someone just got murdered on the corner of great south and hasley street . axe to the head.body under the railway bridge on fenton street.guys name is jack ,5ft10 works at riggers on broadway.;;;;;; sweet man good job.catch you tommrow.pfffff wake up

all of a sudden we cant have more than one lover. what you never split up and moved on ,met someone and shared bodily contact.just because you have been married and had a child with cant have a intimate relationship. what year are we in. haters! im still best friends with the four partners and there wives i had in my life.obviously wernt worth knowing afterwards.hmmm i recently shared a property with the father of my twin sons who are 19 years old ,i was with there father for ten years.i had a short relationship with someone who i got engaged too.i ended up marrying someone else .we divorced he lived on the property with his now beautiful wife kate .and i was with my oartner who i have now marryed and had two children too.we all see each other ,help out where we can.spend birthdays and xmas its wonderful.we met as friends and parted best friends.Kelvins a human like eveybody else.he has a beautiful gift where he sees alittle more than the average.strip away any ability to see or feel anything ,hes still a beautiful humanbeing. he shares his knowledge and time ,so what he doesnt always get it bang on,neither does rubbish him when he wipes out a city.or take out a bus full of nuns.we except it.we dont understand it .but we except it. here we have someone wanting to help us deal with the passing of our loved ones,and been hung up by the balls for not getting it always right.sickening. give the man some god dam him for who he is and the lives he has touched.and for those of you who have ha him in your bed,you didnt mind while he was around.shame on you .he didnt promise you the world!. and give you an atlas .he came as he was ,and shared whatever you shared take those moments and send good vibes.haters stay still and never go anywhere.lovers of earth and the people in it move freely.

Why be so oppositional, and of all the terrible injustices in the world, like slavery, and of all the incredulous things, like religion, why do you especially devote your energies to this? We are all different, not everyone believes the same, in fact no-one does! It comes down to our experiences, our beliefs, and probably the culture in which they were formed.

What level of trust or faith do you hold? Do you believe that you are loved, do you believe your life will be successful, do you believe that good will overcome bad? I believe in the psychic world, simply because i have experienced it, and I have learnt that through trusting it, my life improves. To me, spiritual and psychic are married. It is very subtle, but an amazing source of information, which needs practice to access. Actually, getting information this way is like trying to identify an object in the dark by touch alone. At first you think it’s one thing, and then as you get more information, you make a better deduction, but it’s never gonna be ‘out there’ like just using your eyes. It’s tricky, like a mystery jigsaw. There is a lot science still doesn’t know, how can you limit truth, especially scientific truth. I think you would have been with the angry ‘earth is flat’ mob, definitely burning witches. Maybe you are a tv medium in denial!! Just come out!!

In other cultures people trust this psychic source powerfully, as an adjunct to empirical and rational knowledge, but in ours, psychic insights are fobbed off as imagination and insanity, and their development is discouraged as irrational and untrustworthy. If you have not experienced it yourself, why would you believe it? But others have had different experiences, and chosen different beliefs in response. If we were all the same, what a boring world it would be. Live and let live. Kelvin is a very good person, ok. How do I know? I feel it!

Respectfully, you’re an idiot.

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