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BODYCOMBAT 37 : My personal review

Posted on: September 2, 2008

Now that I’ve done this Body Combat 37 at least half a dozen times I feel I can give it a decent review as some of my opinions have changed a little since the first time I did it two weeks ago at the quarterly workshop.

1. Upper/Lower body warmups: Summer Of 69 (Mega-mania) / I Never Liked You (Rogue Traders)

I love this warmup track. Both tunes are catchy, both tunes participants can sing along to, and the lower body track (I Never Liked You) especially has some real “attitude” which means you can really drive your roundhouse kicks on the “HEY!” – it also has some great opportunities for some fun when team teaching with other instructors “SURPRISE! I never liked you even when I tried to!” and the track finishes with power.

2. Combat 1: Beat It (Fall Out Boy feat. John Mayer)

Another awesome track! Again instructors and participants alike can sing along – and the chorey really fits the music well. Much like the lower body warmup you can really generate some power off the roundhouse kick during the chorus “Just beat it, beat it, beat it, beat it No one wants to be defeated!” POW! – and the jab – cross – jab – upper – hook beforehand matches the music perfectly. Also the transition from knees to roundhouse knees is fantastic too. Although I’m not a massive fan of kata in combat I do really like the kata in this release as the moves are powerful. We see them in this track during the guitar solo. I think this track will continue to be utilised by instructors well into the future.

3. Power training 1: Baby I’ll Let You Know (Darryn Styles vs Hypasonic)

Great music and a pretty decent track for a Power Training track – I like the way the song builds into the chorus and how you can really work the levels in the track – and have participants really drive those uppers. Certainly gets the heart rate up!

4. Combat 2: We Will Survive (Warp Brothers)

276 kicks. 276 KICKS! This track rocks! I’ve received a little bit of feedback from a few people that they feel this release isn’t as hard as some of the previous ones. My answer to them is always “you get out what you put in” but in reality I’m thinking “are you crazy? Did we just do the same track 4?!” I consider myself pretty fit and each time I’ve done this track I’ve thanked God for “The Great Bouzouki” 1 minute 37 second “break” in the middle of the song before continuing on with the remaining 130 or so kicks. The track rocks, the chorey rocks, the workout rocks… love it.

5. Power training 2: How Far We’ve Come (Matchbox Twenty)

Love it. Really fun track and great upbeat music that everyone loves. Haven’t heard anything but praise for this one and looking around the room it’s a sea of smiles. In fact even the staunchest of members sing along to this one! Rounds of the first five really well and now, FINALLY, we can have a drink and a much needed breather before powering into the second half.

6. Combat 3: Stamp (Jeremy Healy & Amos)

Truth be told probably my least favourite track. I really love the music – but to my mind this doesn’t flow like the rest of the release. Don’t get me wrong – it hurts! I just think a whole lot more could be done with the music. Hopefully this one grows on me but in my opinion this will be the first track to be swapped out after the initial release (much like track 5 was in BC36)

7. Muay Thai: Let The Beat Control Your Body (2 Unlimited)

Not my favourite Muay Thai track but a great one all the same. For me personally in my youth I used to absolutely thrash 2 Unlimited – so much so now I’m sick to death of their music. In terms of the chorey it’s a wicked track for getting your heart rate up – only thing that’s missing are jump kness (but what the hell maybe I’ll add some anyway 🙂 ) I did a quick count and there’s 138 knees in this track – combined with the downward punches, jabs and elbows it’s a killer!

8. Power training 3: Sea Of Love [Hixxy Remix] (Frisco)

Awesome song, and great cardio workout. Because everything’s off the back arm first in this track you can really drive home the power on each move, and a fantastic opportunity to work the levels. At the quarterly in Auckland Mark Sinclair and the team did this really cool move during “have you ever really seen a rainbow – have you ever really touched the clear blue sky” which we’ve been emulating in class – always gets an awesome response!

9. Conditioning: Church (T-Pain feat. Teddy Verseti)

I’ve said this over and over again but it’s true – pretty much all the music in this release rocks! This is a great conditioning track that sufficiently works the chest, tris and abs… try and do the lot on your toes if you can – it hurts! Adding the punches into the crunches is a nice touch too (maintains a nice combat feel)

10. Cool down: Our Solemn Hour (Within Temptation)

The perfect end to this release, I’d say this is my favourite cooldown of all time. I’ve had members ask me what the track is called they love it so much. The kata is powerful (it was already visited in Beat it so really no need to coach this again) the moves fit the song perfectly.


Overall I’d rate this as possibly my favourite overall release, all the music is fantastic, and if you concentrate on really working the levels it’s probably one of the hardest. It is missing any more advanced moves, such as jump kicks, jump knees or the e-kick, but I look at this this as a positive as beginners can really sink their teeth into this release. As mentioned more advanced participants can simply work the levels and still get a great workout. I haven’t yet had a chance to wear my heart rate monitor on this release but when I do I suspect calories burnt and max heart rate will be right up there. I’ll keep you posted!


5 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 37 : My personal review"

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This is weird…I didn’t know that tagging your blog to mine will automatically leave a comment on your blog. Was gonna leave one and saw that one had been tagged…by MY blog! How weird is that, huh?

Anyway, just wanna drop a line to let you know that I love your review on BodyCombat # 37. It’s my personal all-time fav too but unlike you, I actually love track #6. Love it for the hard work it puts my legs thru…haha!

And also to tell you that you were right on. One of the instructors at my gym swapped out track 4 and 6 yesterday. Needless to say, I was disappointed. Not only coz I love those tracks but also the fact that it’s been less than a month since they introduced Release # 37! 😦

I guess my main problem with track 6 is that my heart rate drops so much – I understand the rationale for the leg workout and the benefits of interval training – but in saying that I look for leg conditioning in BODYPUMP – I do combat for the cardio.

On Sunday I had to do track 6 FOUR TIMES! My God my legs were killing me!

Quite a few of the instructors sub out track 6 now (I must admit I’ve been doing it too) – and funnily enough many have been doing the same for track 4 (however I still love that one).

Thanks for the feedback!

Hmmm…I’ve not thought abt it till you brought it up. That our heart rate drops significantly in Track 6. So true. That is the minus point of it, I guess. But I still love the Capoeira insert which is refreshing to me.

Yeah, I read your latest post about doing your instructor module. Congrats on finishing it! 😀

Talking abt BODY PUMP, I love Release # 67 (the latest one here in Malaysia) too. The music rocks and because it’s somehow more ‘focused’, I am actually able to lift heavier than my usual weights in PUMP classes. After exchanging some stories with the other PUMP enthusiasts, they told me the same thing. That they were able to lift more weights too. Needless to say, we were mighty pleased with ourselves! 😀

Thanks for your great blog. I’m definitely gonna be checking in often to read up on your posts.

I agree 110% about 67 – definitely you can bump your weights up – it’s great! Only problem is when you turn up to a class and you just choose the weights you’ve been doing for 67 and the instructor chooses to do an older release – then you really feel the pain! Ouch! 🙂

Thanks for the feedback and the congrats too – appreciated! 😀

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