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Tom Crusie and Tropic Thunder…

Posted on: August 29, 2008

So went and saw “Tropic Thunder” on Saturday night. Not a bad movie – has some quite clever facets to it; always amusing to see actors take the piss out of themselves (Robert Downey Jr playing an Australian actor playing a black man was pretty funny) and the movie starts with mock movie trailers immediately after the real ones, so it takes a minute or two to realise the actual film has started which I thought was a pretty clever touch.

But, I’d have to say one of the best highlights of the movie for me was Tom Cruise’s “cameo” (though it wasn’t really a cameo in my mind as he actually had a fairly prominent role in the film). Cruise played a balding yet hairy, fat, movie mogul (named Les Grossman) and I swear had I not known in advance he had a role in the movie I never would have picked it. Now anyone who knows anything about me may know that Cruise and I don’t exactly see eye to eye and as such I’m probably the last person in the world to say anything positive about him… but… this would be the rare exception.

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact you can’t recognise the guy! Some of the lines executed by Grossman were fricken hysterical; “Take a big step back and literally fuck your own face…” and all and all his character was for me the highlight of the flick.

I tried to find a video on youtube showing Grossman so you can see what I mean, but all of them were removed due to copyright violations – but you can see one scene at Defamer. Enjoy!

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